『The Belgariad: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit』(David Eddings)


Magician's GambitのChapter seven

Ce'Nedra had not removed her hand from Garion's, and he wondered if he should mention it to her. Her hand felt very warm and small in his and, on the whole, it was not unpleasant. He decided not to say anything about it.


Chapter twleveにおける双子が出てくるところ。

``I think you'll recognize them,'' Belgrath answered. ``Mandorallen, Baron of Vo Mandor.''
``The Knight Protector,'' the twins said in unison, bowing.
``Prince Kheldar of Drasnia.''
``The Guide,'' they said.
``Barak, Earl of Trellheim.''
``The Dreadful Bear.'' They looked at the big Cherek apprehesively. Barak's face darkend, but he said nothing.
``Hettar, son of Cho-Hag of Algaria.''
``The Horse Lord.''
``And Durnik of Sendaria.''
``The One with Two Lives,'' they murmured with profound respect.
Durnik looked baffled at that.
``Ce'NEdra, Imperial Peincess of Tolnedra.''
``The Queen of the World,'' they repiled with another deep bow.
Ce'Nedra laughed nervously.
``And this -''
``-can only be Belgarion,'' they said, their faces alive with joy, ``the Chosen One.'' The twins reached out in unison and laid their right hand on Garion's head. Their voices sounded within his mind. ``Hail, Belgarion, Overload and Champion, hope of the world.''